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24/7 FULLY
Automated Indoor Golf Simulator

Maximus Indoor Golf offers realistic and comfortable indoor golfing with the latest technology. Play anytime, 24/7/365, regardless of the weather or your skill level. Come experience golfing revolutionized today!


First Time?  Please READ!

  1. REMEMBER to submit your contact info or just SUBSCRIBE at the bottom.  When you make a booking you're automatically subscribed.

  2. REMEMBER to bring your PHONE to open your email to enter the facility.

  3. You MUST bring your own golf clubs, balls and tees.

  4. ONLY golf shoes are allowed on the mat.

  5. NO food, smoking/vaping, or alcohol allowed.  Only water bottles allowed.

  6. Once you are done, please CLEAN up the area after to avoid extra cost.

  7. Add "" as your contact to avoid emails going into your spam inbox.


Please follow this guideline carefully. 

Tee Time Reservation Procedures

At the Front Door

Inside the Facility

  1. Choose your tee time on our booking system.  Advance booking is allowed up to 3 days.

  2. Complete the payment to reserve your tee time.

  3. Check your email for booking confirmation from Maximus Golf.

  4. REMEMBER to bring your phone to check your EMAIL for "Maximus Golf [Front Door access key]" before you arrive.  Check your junk email folder if you don't find it in your Inbox.

  5. Our policy only  allows cancellations 24 hours prior to your start time. No refunds are permitted after this period.  Cancellation can be requested by an email ( and handled in 5-7 business days.  Please include your booking email and booking ID (found in Front Door access key email).

  1. Arrive at the front door within 10 minutes before your tee start time. 

  2. Open your email with subject "Maximus Golf [Front Door access key]". 

  3. Tap the "Click to Enter" button. 

  4. The front door opens automatically.

  1. Go to your BAY to prepare and stretch.

  2. The light and projector turn ON automatically at the start time.

  3. Refer to the user manual beside the computer in each bay to use the simulator.

  4. Select a Golf course or Practice mode and ENJOY.

  5. The light and projector turn OFF automatically at the end time.

  6. Please keep the place clean for the next customer and avoid clean-up fees.

  7. Exit the building in 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: The facility is LOCKED and MONITORED 24/7.  Any damage will be covered by you.  SMILE you're on 24 hour camera

Customer Reviews

Here are some customer reviews.  Click here for more Google Reviews

"Best indoor golf simulator in town. Great equipment and low prices. Definitely recommend!"
From Google reviews


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